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ImageImage is a diversion that you attempt to execute tanks. play is somewhat harder than other .io amusements. There are a few levels which give you more components. At base connections you can observe everything about "" how to be proficient, how to play, how to cheat and so forth…
         Strong Against: Slow tanks, tanks with a low rate of flame, Other non-Smasher rammer classes
         Weak Against: Faster tanks, Destroyer branch tank, tanks with high Reload and centered fire (like the Triplet, for instance)
As the Smasher
Maintain a strategic distance from Overseer-branch tanks as their high harm can undoubtedly execute even maximized wellbeing Smashers. On the off chance that the player is experienced, they can draw the automatons far from the adversary and return while the Overseer/Overlord has its automatons far from itself. Be that as it may, most Overseer/Overlords know not to do as such, so they ought to escape if their endeavor falls flat. Tanks with a high RoF must be maintained a strategic distance from as well as their Bullet knockback will keep them under control and possibly deplete their wellbeing. Stay away from Traps as they can and will deplete their wellbeing.
Players chance getting slaughtered slamming another Smasher in the event that they both are at max wellbeing and have Max Health and Body Damage at a similar Level. Wellbeing Regeneration matters for this situation as it will recover a minor piece while Smashers are in contact.
Abstain from crushing into substances with enormous wellbeing bars like the Alpha Pentagons and the Bosses unless they have only a little wellbeing left.
Assault cornered or unconscious tanks.
Destroyers are quicker than the Smasher on the off chance that they utilize their weapon's backlash, so it is best to find them napping.
Cultivating, particularly in the Pentagon Nest, is maybe the most secure and snappiest approach to level up until the player achieve Level 45, as few tanks past low Level ones are particularly defenseless to this Class. Be careful be that as it may, as a swarm of Crashers can do significantly lessened its wellbeing on the off chance that it is too low.
It is helpful to update all Bullet Stats and cultivate until Level 30, flee from the swarmed ranges to a void space, move up to Smasher, and all Bullets Stats will exchange to expertise focuses, so that the player can choose again which Stats ought to be fit for their own rammer assemble.
Against the Smasher
Tanks with a high DPS rate can keep the Smasher from assaulting the player since the high harm and slug knockback will back off the Smasher; enabling the safeguarding player to escape.
Administrator branch tanks are powerful against the Smasher since the automatons can bargain an extensively high measure of harm; it is best to keep the player's automatons near himself in the event that a Smasher assaults.
One of the best counters against the Smasher is to know about its nearness. On the off chance that one rapidly responds to the nearness of this tank, then it will quite often neglect to arrangement harm and murder the player.
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